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CRYO Science is a world-class equipment innovator and solution provider for all Cryogenic applications.
We have mastered the science of using low temperature gases to deliver healing, preserving and longevity benefits to the human body and its surrounding habitat. At CRYO Science we focus on delivering innovative solutions in Cryotherapy, Molecular Gastronomy and other customized installations with the single objective of allowing you to thrive in your industry be it healthcare, sports, beauty or gastronomy.


Our commitment to innovation and know-how allows us to give you an offering that is consistently trustworthy and our returning client base is a testament to our superior technological solutions. The possibilities with CRYO Science are endless; our team is our reliable backbone with first class expertise in science, engineering, finance and production ensuring a targeted approach to all your Cryogenic  requirements.


We adapt, we execute and we progress. We pride ourselves in being forward thinkers and our state of the art Cryogenic equipment is the reason we are always the right choice for you.













CRYO Science is on a mission to provide you with a one-stop shop for all your installation and servicing needs of cryogenic equipment. We realize that a good future for you means a good Global footprint. Hence, we pride ourselves with our innovative team and machines, and continually look for the best futuristic technology to embed in your offering and keep you ahead of the curve. With safety, result satisfaction, turnkey solutions and innovative design being at the core of our work, we diligently ensure you achieve your goals and satisfy your customers.




Click on the below listed document to review the latest medical research on the benefits and efficiency of whole body CRYOtherapy.



Safety is our top priority and we are continuously committed to providing a safe work environment that protects the well-being of all of our customer and employees.


A big part of our offering is a customized solution that fits perfectly for your needs. We work closely with you to develop and tailor reliable equipment with the highest quality standards to help you reach your goals and overcome your challenges.


We focus on consistently delivering innovative custom solutions to our stakeholders through flawless execution, design excellence and technological intelligence allowing you to reach beyond your full potential.

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Meeting your needs with unparalleled solutions is what we aim to do. Our highly skilled team of professionals with diverse backgrounds allows us to offer you tailor made solutions that are efficient and dependable with customer service and super-vision along the entire process.


Our cutting edge designed equipment is engineered by our expert team of fine talents. Backed up by extensive research and development, our user friendly solutions are programmed using CAD/CAM software technologies to deliver the best detail oriented engineered solutions.


We are confident in our hard working, results driven team of experts who are always in cooperation with pioneers in the field of Cryotherapy and Industrial Cryogenics. In collaboration with the best we trust that our final creative approach will allow your organization to thrive on innovation.

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