Nike x °CRYO

22 June 2018

The Just Do It HQ in Los Angeles, is turning Los Angeles into the ultimate training destination for athletes, celebrating all facets of a holistic training lifestyle through dynamic programming and experiences. Upgrade Labs has partnered with Nike LA to provide services such as Upgraded Cryotherapy, RedCharger, Cold HIIT and Body Composition to all athletes and to those training this summer at the Just Do it HQ.

A major part of this partnership is Upgrade Cryotherapy which is conducted in the state of the art and technologically advanced °CRYO Arctic by °CRYO Science.



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Cryotherapy is the art of exposing the body to subzero temperatures for a short period of time. This causes adrenaline to be released, which boosts blood circulation and an increase in oxygen being sent to the cells. Overall, this stimulates the natural healing processes as a by-product. Over time, it has observed that many famous athletes and fitness oriented personalities are incorporating cryotherapy into their daily routine. Cristiano Ronaldo Floyd Mayweather, Lebron James, Steph Curry are just a few avid users of cryotherapy for recovery, fitness and healing.

“It helps me feel better and helps me recover faster” – Steph Curry (NBA Champion).

All athletes sustain injuries at some point, from professional sports people to fitness enthusiasts to people who just play sport to relax. These injuries are often treated by applying ice packs to the injured area, a common remedy. Athletes are also seen to have ice baths as part of their routine for the same benefits, the only setback is that ice baths are painful and most athletes dread this part of their routine and holding an ice pack to the injured area for prolonged periods of time is not necessarily viable. Cryotherapy is an easy, quick, painless and effective method providing more benefits in a more efficient and practical way.

“Cryotherapy has found fans in athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo and New York Knicks” – Men’s Health Fitness Magazine

At the Just Do It HQ this summer, they are providing the ultimate training experience through a variety of classes, sessions and experiences. The partnership with upgrade labs is to provide these individuals who will be training through the summer, tools to perform their best. Just 3 minutes in the cryotherapy chamber can help boost performance and achieve maximum results.

To find out more, you can visit Just do it HQ.



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